Grants Awarded 2009-2010 Academic Year

PTEF Grants Awarded to Port Townsend School District
2009-2010 Academic Year

Port Townsend High School

Analytical Laboratory Balance 75 Students                                  Grades 11-12
The purpose of the project is to expand the laboratory experience of our chemistry students by providing an instrument capable of improving the precision of quantitative laboratory experiments. Through the use of the balance, students will have more engaging laboratory opportunities and training with equipment used in professional labs across the country.

Marine Biology Textbooks                                  32 students                                 Grades 11-12
PTEF partners with PTSD to provide textbooks for a new, full-year upper-level life science course in oceanography and marine biology. The addition of this course is a creative way to offer high school students quality, upper-level courses in life sciences and thereby retain them in the school district.

Reading Pens 40 Students                                 Grades 6-10 Spec. Ed.
The reading pen is an optical reader that can be used with any textbook and allows students to hear the words via a pair of earbuds. These pens target students assessed at reading levels below their grade level but who have comprehension of material at grade level. This tool will allow all students to keep up with their peers and to focus on the content and meaning of the text rather than struggle with the text itself.

Mar Vista Alternative High School

Explore Your Options 25 Students                                 Grades 11-12
This project offers alternative high school juniors and seniors an in-depth look at higher education after graduating from high school. Students talk with college and vocational school counselors, are walked through the school application process, and visit campuses to get a feeling for what it’s like to be a college student.

Blue Heron Middle School

Classroom Novels                                                115 Students                               Grade 8
Students will read the classic novels the Hobbit and Ender’s Game. They will analyze story elements such as plot, subplots, mood, character development, author’s point of view and how it influences the text; and compare and contrast themes to other texts they have read. Current classroom novels have not existed in a set; all students will be able to participate in each novel’s discussions and exercises.

Calculators for Math                                            300 Students                               Grades 6-8
Middle School students will be able to use identical calculators to develop basic concepts of number sense and they take part in a number of estimation exercises requiring the use of a calculator. Estimations using mental computations are verified by the use of calculators. This project will help develop basic life skills of estimations, such as estimating the amount of gas left in a car, or the cost of a cart of groceries.

Writers in the Schools Program                          200+ Students                             Grades 5 and 8
This project offers every student in the 5th and 8th grade an intensive writing experience, taught by professional writers through the highly acclaimed Seattle-based Writers in the Schools program administered by Seattle Arts & Lectures. This project will also provide professional development for teachers, classroom/library books, and will offer students the opportunity to publicly read and publish their works in the Seattle publication.

Maritime Discovery Program 115 Students                                Grade 7
An innovative three-week program for the entire 7th grade allows children to integrate the marine theme across all disciplines. Partnership with the Northwest Maritime Center/Wooden Boat Foundation combines with the local community to offer a diverse, hands-on experience to all 7th grade students.

Marine Science Center Study                             104 Students                                Grade 5
Partnership with the Port Townsend Marine Science Center will bring 5th graders a 3-day experience in marine and earth sciences. Children will work with marine organisms in a laboratory environment, will learn about marine animals that reside in tidal zones, will learn about fossils, and will assemble a 24-foot Grey Whale skeleton.

Reading Pens 40 Students                                 Grades 6-10 Spec. Ed.
See description under PTHS section.

Grant Street Elementary School

Poet in Residence: Christine Hemp                   320 Students                                Grades K-3
Poet Christine Hemp will provide poetry writing instruction to all Grant Street Elementary K-3 students during a week long Poet in Residence program, two staff training sessions, and seven additional days of instruction throughout the remainder of the year. This project will enhance and increase students’ ability to write focused, descriptive and interesting poems and other forms of writing.

Cross-Curriculum Gardening Project                 300+Students                              Grades K-3 & ICE
This project provides a school-wide greenhouse to serve as a classroom/laboratory in order to extend a food waste composting/recycling project begun in conjunction with Jefferson Co. Solid Waster Management and Jefferson Co. Master Gardeners. Students will create a “closed loop” study of food waste generated a school, the cost of diverting waste to the landfill, and learning more about options for using food waste as an asset in growing new food.

Grant Street Pre-K Program

Ready! For Kindergarten                                     20 Students                                 Grade Pre-K
This program serves the “at-risk” pre-school parent and child community in Port Townsend in an effort to improve readiness skills necessary for academic success in Kindergarten and beyond. A unique aspect of this family-based program includes parental information and learning tools, so that parents can help their children outside the school environment.

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