PTEF Board of Directors

The Port Townsend Education Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of dedicated parents, business owners, and community members concerned about diminishing capital for public education. Our purpose is to raise funds that can be put directly into the classrooms, thereby enhancing opportunities for all public school children. For more information, you can email us at:


Executive Board
Caitlin Harrison - President
Beth Juran – Vice President
Aldryth O’Hara – Treasurer
Jim Emery– Secretary


Board Members
Andrea Gieser
Jeanne Clark
Miranda Berger
Katie Shonsey Mattern
Kathy Erickson
Jeanie Glaspell


Ex-Officio Members
Julie Russell (Blue Heron School)
Lois Sherwood (PT High School)
Molly O’Brien (Grant Street School)
Lisa Olsen (Blue Heron School)
Julie Dow (PT High School)


Emeritus Members
Dr. Dimitri Kuznetsov
Barbara Sterritt
Yuko Umeda
Deb Bakin

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