About Us

Mission Statement

The mission of the Port Townsend Education Foundation is to engage the community in raising funds that support public education and enhance academic achievement in the Port Townsend School District.


PTEF is an all-volunteer 501c(3)organization dedicated to supporting and enhancing the academic experience of children in the Port Townsend Public Schools. Through the efforts of our board members and other volunteers, PTEF raises funds to benefit our schools through direct solicitation of community members, corporate sponsorships, and events such as our annual Soiree.  We work with teachers at all levels who prepare rigorous grant requests for classroom projects they believe will benefit their students.  PTEF’s grant committee then undertakes a thorough evaluation of the proposed projects, prioritizing and funding as many qualified projects as resources allow.  At the end of each school year, grant recipients are required to prepare detailed evaluations of their funded projects with an emphasis on objective criteria if possible.  

PTEF has raised nearly $400,000 over the past ten years for curriculum-based learning projects. These projects have ranged from iPads in math classes to stream restoration to laser equipment for the high school robotics program. As more and more teachers see how our grant projects not only increase student engagement but objectively improve student outcomes, the number of high-quality grant requests has begun to far outstrip our ability to support. If you believe as we do, that there is no greater legacy than the quality of our public schools, please consider volunteering.

Here is a short video describing more about what we do:

Port Townsend Education Foundation from Benjamin Ryweck on Vimeo.